A Childs Heart is Never Left Behind

On Friday, April 1, I was invited to tour the Children’s Heart Center of Nevada.

This place was pretty incredible to say the least. The Children’s Heart Center is Nevada’s largest pediatric cardiology practice. The surgeons and cardiologists of this practice have outstanding reputations.

To say this was a compassionate and outstanding medical practice that gave back to the community far more than they received would be an understatement.

I knew this was a special place when I entered the waiting room where patients sign in to see the doctor. There were 3 cubicles with a receptionist behind each counter.  Every child patient and parent was greeted with a warm smile.  Each time the nurse came out to call on a patient, they smiled when calling the persons name. I’ve spoken and written a lot about customer service in a medical environment and ways medical staff can make a patient feel better.  This experience was at the top of my list for good examples.

Steve Eisen, the Chief Executive Officer showed me the practice with a personal tour and we focused on the work the Heart Center is doing for at-risk obese children.  They have a continuing 12-week program that children up to 18 can enroll in and learn and participate in healthy lifestyle choices and fitness programs.

When the children enter the program they meet with a Registered Dietician, an Exercise Physiologist, and a Clinical Psychologist. The center keeps the parents involved as well. This type of intervention cannot only save lives but help children live their lives.

In the Heart Disease and Cardiovascular area, children without the ability to pay are taken care of by the practice.  Their policy is to never turn away a child that needs cardiac care because of financial issues, thus A Childs Heart is Never Left Behind.

They work closely with the Children’s Heart Foundation  of Nevada as well.

I was able to spend time with their lead Exercise Physiologist, Lorie.  She’s an exercise program and cardiac rehabilitation specialist for children. The passion and enthusiasm for what she does was so evident.

What a great way to have spent an afternoon.  I learned so much.

My Heartfelt Thanks go out to the entire friendly staff of The Children’s Heart Center.

The Children’s Heart Center in Nevada is a very, very special place. – Keith

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