Cornmeal Encrusted Red Snapper with Fruit Salsa

contributed by Darcy W.


Red snapper filets
Egg white
½ Cup cornmeal
½ Grapefruit segments
1 Avocado
¼ Red onion sliced
Lemon juice


Prepare the fruit salsa before cooking the fish. Cut up the grapefruit sections into one inch segments. Chop the avocado into small pieces. Put the grapefruit, avocado and red onion into a bowl, drizzle lemon juice over it, and stir. Let the salsa sit while you prepare the fish.

Beat up an egg white. Dip the filet into the egg white, then into the cornmeal. Meanwhile have an oiled cookie sheet ready and the oven warmed up to Broil. Cook the fish under the broiler for around 7 minutes or until the filet flakes easily.

Home made salsas are great over any fish. Commercial salsas will contain sodium and don’t have the fresh flavor. One of my favorite salsas that I serve over grilled salmon is a chopped papaya, chopped avocado, sliced red onion, chopped fresh cilantro, and mixed with lime juice. Experiment with making your own creation by using citrus fruits, tropical fruits, green onion, red onion, garlic, cilantro, avocado, sweet pepper, etc. I made one once that was excellent; it was minced pear, minced avocado, minced garlic, grated fresh ginger root and lime juice. Merely by creating a new salsa the fish will taste new and exciting. Plus you get a fruit serving and omega oils from the avocado. If you exercise a lot, it is important to get the fresh fruit and vegetable servings because they contain the nutrients that our bodies deplete during exercise.

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