Success Story – Steve Arens, “You Have To Have A Desire To Lose” The Journey Begins.

Describe your success and what factors led you to change your life?
When I turned 50, I was wearing size 62+ pants (they were tight), 5XL shirts. I weighed 450+, that was the MAX weight on my scale. At 51 I have now gone BELOW 400 lbs. I have lost 85 lbs I am wearing 56, 3XL in shirts (I can shop at Walmart for clothes again).
What was the journey like?
I am 51 years old, Last year I hit my all time high in weight gain. 480+. I say 480+; my scale does not go past 450. I could not walk more than 10 or 15 yards without wheezing for breath. I could not stand for an extended time. I could not keep up with my grandson. I did not want to go anywhere; I would scope out restaurants and make sure they had ARMLESS chairs. After trying many diets, Apple, WW, Atkins, etc….and changed my life habits and eating habits. I also lost my job, which was a blessing in itself. I used to eat fast food 3 times a day. My job was sedentary, very little walking needed, lots of hours, and lots of stress. Death by Obesity in the making.
How did you do it?
My weight loss has been thru life style changes and eating choices. I have also used a product line by Advocare. Which helped with energy, weight loss, and appetite control. I am amazed having lost 85 lbs, how much different I feel, and the things that I could NOT do, that I am able to do now. I am by NO MEANS healthy, but I am able to exercise with out loosing breath, or stopping as I did in the past.
What are your top 3 tips for success?
Three tips for success…You have to have a desire to lose, you HAVE to change the habits that got you into your current weight. You need to reach out for support, being obese is a very lonely life.
What inspires or motivates you?
My motivation comes from inside me. I am inspired by others peoples successes, Keith Ahrens book was like reading my life in print…except I have not had a heart attack, YET…. I am still in danger, but I am working my way to healthy living. I have a loving wife that is dealing with weight issues as well; I now have 4 grandchildren that need their grandpa. And I have 2 special needs children that need me to be there for them as well.
How do you feel now and where are you going?
With the loss of 85 lbs, I feel more energy, I feel that I can succeed and continue to lose. I want to be able to inspire others that are struggling with obesity to lose weight and lead a healthy life style.
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