Keith has been featured and interviewed in many International, National and Local Publications. A few of the many published articles appear below.

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LIFESTYLE CHANGES: Conquer obesity, reclaim health
Dramatic weight loss transforms man’s life

by Edmund Meinhardt, Las Vegas Review Journal
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Health Crisis Pushed Keith to Shed 200 Pounds

by Jacki Donaldson, AOL Health, That’s Fit

Weighty Matters

by Bill Sheridan, Towson Alumni Magazine, Summer 2010

Outrunning My Shadow – A weight loss story

by Jennifer von Ebers, Slim Shoppin

Spotlight Trainer of the Month – Keith Ahrens

Weight Loss Success Stories: The Best of 2009

by Melissa Joulwan, AOL Health, That’s Fit

Mirror Reflects Hunger Within

by Jan Denise, Inside Relationships

Lose Weight, Change Your Life

by Jan Denise, Inside Relationships

Presidents Council on Physical Fitness
– September 2009 Fitness is Fun

by Presidents Council on Physical Fitness

Eating to live – Keeping your heart strong,
your weight down and staying satisfied

by Jordan Wilson, Las Vegas Review Journal

Putting Myself First
– How Caring for Me Saved My Own Life

by Keith Ahrens
Island Caregiver and Alberta Caregiver

Heart Health for Boomers
What you can do to prevent, or recover from, the most common heart-related conditions

By Jan Yager, Ph.D.,

Heart Disease, Obesity & Sleep
by Sharon Chayra, Las Vegas Health Magazine