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Small Wins

Winning the little battles against heart disease and obesity makes it easier to win the war.  Start fighting now.   – Keith

5 turns into 10.  15 into 20.  For many of us, the hardest part about exercising is just getting started.  When I exercise it seems if I commit to 30 minutes of cardio it turns into 45-60 minutes.  When I started exercising regularly, a commitment of 5 minutes turned to 10 then to 20 and so on.  So just commit to 5 minutes of exercise or activity and watch it grow.  So “take 5” and get healthier.  Your heart will thank you.  – Keith

Feel free to join Team “Outrunning My Shadow” as a virtual walker or please donate and join the fight to erase heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

The cardiologist put the catheter in my leg and moved it towards my heart.  After injecting the dye, I remember his words of concern as if they were yesterday.  He said, “Keith, this is not good.  You have 3 completely occluded arteries.  I’m going to talk to your sister.”  That was July 6th 2007. On this day I found out that I needed open-heart surgery to save my life.  – Keith

I know all the excuses we give ourselves not to exercise.  I was the king of excuses. I think I’ve used most of them.  It wasn’t until I realized that in the time it took me think of the excuse, I could’ve put on my sneakers and started to exercise.   Excuses don’t help your heart—action does. – Keith