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“HEADLINE: Heart Disease Researchers Find A Cure” ??? Well, maybe not yet, but if I have my way I’ll see this headline in my lifetime. I try every day to do something to rid this planet of this terrible killer. – Keith

Las Vegas Health Magazine.  An Article by Sharon Chayra, October 8, 2010.
Sharon interviewed me for this article on heart disease and obesity.  She’s a terrific writer and health advocate. Enjoy.

Click the link to read the full article:
Heart Disease, Obesity & Sleep | Las Vegas Health Magazine

I like it in the loft and doing it in public. Of course, I’m talking about exercise.  Where do you like to do it? Location should never be an excuse not to get in some daily exercise or activity. Fitness is the least expensive and most effective “natural-medicine” we can take. In addition to helping your heart with daily exercise and activity, this is also breast cancer awareness month. Get your checkup and routine screenings.  – Keith

Team Outrunning My Shadow

Team Outrunning My Shadow has raised over $1000 for the American Heart Association. Our walk is October 16 in Las Vegas. Any donation, large or small is appreciated and heart felt:) The link above will take you directly to the donation page and give more information. Heart Healthier Days Ahead. Thanks for the support.

Here’s 10 For You

10 minutes of exercise for everyone.  When I work out, I’ll do an extra 10 minutes thinking of everyone that needs a little push and encouragement to get moving.  Knowing that I’ll do 10 minutes thinking of you, will you match it and do 10 minutes thinking of yourself? Remember, we all started somewhere. – Keith

Hostility, pessimism, and cynicism can hurt your heart health. I believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. Studies have shown that an optimistic and positive way of thinking reduces the risk for developing heart disease.  Optimistic people seem to make better lifestyle choices. Optimism may lead to lower blood pressure and reduced stress. It appears positive thinking just may save your life. – Keith

Putting It In Perspective

On a radio interview from southern Texas, we were discussing Heart Healthy Lifestyle Changes and the host said to me, “You don’t eat fried chicken anymore?”  I told him “not any more”.  He said, “I could never give up my fried chicken.  That would be way too extreme.”  “Extreme”, I said.  “To me, extreme is an eleven-inch scar on my chest.”  To that he responded, “Well, I guess I can cut way back on my fried chicken.”  – Keith

Please watch the video and learn about someone making a difference.  Get your checkup and screening.  The life you save may be your own.  Thanks Holly for your tireless efforts to save lives and prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

KTLA Heroes at Home: Athlete Dedicates Life to Fighting Sudden Cardiac Arrest — ktla.com

A Great Day to Share

Today I delivered the Keynote Speech for the Howard County Public School System education conference.  There were 150 Health and Physical Education teachers in attendance.  The break out sessions were focused on nutrition, obesity prevention and physical fitness and technology.  These great teachers are on the front line of the obesity epidemic and need our support.  The heart health of our children depend on it.  They positively impact the lives of every student they work with.  One teacher told me that my speech could impact as many as 50,000 students. What a feeling:)  – Keith

Slow and Steady = Results

Most experts agree with me that small shifts and small lifestyle changes lead to long-term success for losing weight and maintaining weight loss as well as improving our physical fitness. The diet industry is a $60 billion industry built on failure.  When is the last time you saw a weight loss product on TV that said you could lose 3 pounds over 3 weeks?   – Keith