“Anniversary, Birthday, Thanksgiving…What a Day”

“5 years ago, August 23, 2007, is the day I had my open-heart surgery. I remember as if it were yesterday. More healthy, healing, positive energy from family and friends was sent my way that day than anyone ever deserved. I would imagine all survivors can relate to how I feel. I’m more alive today than I’ve ever been. So many blessings and good fortune have come my way.  Everyday, I make it my … [Read more...]

Hearts and Chocolate, Oh My!

What’s your favorite dark chocolate? Dark Chocolate’s been seen as a much “Heart Healthier” choice than light or milk chocolates.  I love dark chocolates. I’m hoping in my travels I’ll get my chance to try different dark chocolates from around the world. Why Heart Healthy? Dark chocolate contains flavonoids. What are Flavonoids? Flavonoids by definition help protect plants by shielding and … [Read more...]

I’m Rocky Mountain High!

I’ve just relocated to Denver Colorado.  The “Mile High” City as its known.  An interesting and beautiful city I must say.  It seems everywhere I go I see walking paths and parks.  Recreation seems to abound here.  Everyone I speak to around the country just loves Denver.  I’ve only heard positive things about this great city. Someone has taken a special place in my Heart and Soul and I’m … [Read more...]

No Place In Schools – Trans Fats Kill – Period

Nevada Senate Bill SB230, a bill that would require school districts to develop a policy to ban foods containing trans fat from being provided in schools, is now scheduled to be heard on Monday at 3:15pm in the Assembly Education Committee.  I will be testifying again in support of this legislation. As many of you are well aware, trans fat is a double threat to our cardiovascular health because … [Read more...]

Fruity Prayers?

Every time I go to the store I just pray I can come across some great fruit. I always look for fruit that’s Ripe, Fresh, Tasty, Full of Flavor, and Reasonably Priced.  I know, We All Hope For This, Right? This week’s find happened to be Strawberries.  I found them at Whole Foods this week in my scavenger hunt for good fruit. Whole Foods tends to be more expensive, but sometimes I find … [Read more...]

Fire Hoses and Joy… “Jump For Joy” That Is

Today was a blast… of Water. The Jump For Joy Foundation had another camp today.  I love these camps. Fighting the rising Childhood Obesity Epidemic by getting kids physically active is “Camp Jumps” primary mission.  Arming the parents with the knowledge they need to help their children eat healthier and stay active is another mission. Bill gave another outstanding nutrition class to the … [Read more...]

A Childs Heart is Never Left Behind

On Friday, April 1, I was invited to tour the Children’s Heart Center of Nevada. This place was pretty incredible to say the least. The Children's Heart Center is Nevada's largest pediatric cardiology practice. The surgeons and cardiologists of this practice have outstanding reputations. To say this was a compassionate and outstanding medical practice that gave back to the community far more … [Read more...]

“Zoom In and Zoom Out” on Food Labels

With National Nutrition Month in full swing it seems like the perfect time to get reacquainted with the Nutrition Facts on food labels. The FDA has a very easy to read Food Label fact sheet. Click here for Food Label info from the (USFDA) Food and Drug Administration In recent years I’ve become obsessed with reading food labels. I simply can’t tell you how many items I pick up in a … [Read more...]

Because It Can Kill You, That’s Why!

One of the hottest legislative issues coming up in many states is the “Ban” or elimination of trans fats in foods in the school systems and restaurants. Some states and cities have already paved the way to ban this deadly type of fat. I asked at a recent advocacy event, “Why are we even having this discussion about trans fats?” I was just a little frustrated. What makes it more … [Read more...]

“ Eating A Rainbow?” – National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. This month we should raise our awareness and learn more about heart healthy nutrition. The choices we make directly impact our health. Why not make healthier food choices? Recently, I received my Specialist in Fitness Nutrition (SFN) certificate. I learned so much about nutrition and not only how eating properly energizes the body but what happens when … [Read more...]

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