“Anniversary, Birthday, Thanksgiving…What a Day”

“5 years ago, August 23, 2007, is the day I had my open-heart surgery. I remember as if it were yesterday. More healthy, healing, positive energy from family and friends was sent my way that day than anyone ever deserved. I would imagine all survivors can relate to how I feel. I’m more alive today than I’ve ever been. So many blessings and good fortune have come my way.  Everyday, I make it my … [Read more...]

Are You An Advocate?

If you could tell your legislators just one thing about Heart Disease, What would you tell them? … [Read more...]

Like I say, "I Hate Heart Disease". Good man, Good life. RIP Mr. Clark. I'll think of you every time the Ball drops. K Click on Link Below for Story, Dick Clark Dies: TV Legend Dead At 82 … [Read more...]


Are You CPR Smart?

Here is your chance to tell your legislators and others that you proudly support having CPR a required graduation credential for all high school students. To help, go to becprsmart.org I strongly believe that we need to have as many potential "First Responders" as we can. This is an excellent opportunity to do so. What are your thoughts? Keith Click Below. BECPRSMART.ORG … [Read more...]

Mile High Kick-Off Party

This afternoon we held our annual Heart Walk Kick-Off Party for the  American Heart Association - Denver at Sports Authority Field (Bronco Stadium) in the Visitors Locker Room. It was a wonderful team building and strategy meeting.  We heard from a Stroke Survivor, got fired-up with a Zumba Team, and heard how last years top fund raisers motivated their friends, family and co-workers to donate to … [Read more...]

Alive, because someone knew CPR

Alive.... because someone knew CPR http://youtu.be/Ii8AUEWMxm8 … [Read more...]

Giving Our Kids A Chance

Coming Up In Committee In The Colorado Capitol. Trans-fat in Schools: SB 68 would create healthier school meals by removing trans-fats from school cafeterias. Trans-fats increase risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Healthier kids are more alert and learn better in the classroom. This bill will help reduce childhood obesity and create better students. … [Read more...]

Is A First Responder Living In Your Home?

Coming up in Committee at the Colorado Capitol.  Do you know CPR? CPR in Schools: SB 98 would incorporate CPR training into high school curriculum. CPR and AEDs are tools that can save a life when sudden cardiac arrest occurs. We want everyone to be trained in CPR so they can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. SB 98 would help train and entire generation of heroes by teaching CPR to all … [Read more...]

Getting Started!

"Setting a goal for yourself is great, but don't forget you need to start the race!" - K … [Read more...]

If The Driver Only Had A Chance!

OK, I get it. See story below (LINK) I think it's great and heroic that she was able to steer the bus off the road and saved the lives of the children on board. Now let me take it a step further. The bus driver is dead. The article says, "Some are reported to have prayed for the driver as he lay on the floor while others shielded the bus' younger passengers from the scene." Why didn't any … [Read more...]

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