“Anniversary, Birthday, Thanksgiving…What a Day”

“5 years ago, August 23, 2007, is the day I had my open-heart surgery. I remember as if it were yesterday. More healthy, healing, positive energy from family and friends was sent my way that day than anyone ever deserved. I would imagine all survivors can relate to how I feel. I’m more alive today than I’ve ever been. So many blessings and good fortune have come my way.  Everyday, I make it my … [Read more...]

Getting Started!

"Setting a goal for yourself is great, but don't forget you need to start the race!" - K … [Read more...]

This Gift Doesn’t Need Wrapping

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Heart Healthy New Years Wishes to Everyone. The greatest gift I receive has no wrapping paper, no bow, no name tag and yet I’ll know it’s for me. My gift is — Another Day. Living with Heart Disease and getting a second chance means I take nothing for granted, ever. The lights on the tree are brighter, each ornament is more special, the turkey smells … [Read more...]

Hearts and Chocolate, Oh My!

What’s your favorite dark chocolate? Dark Chocolate’s been seen as a much “Heart Healthier” choice than light or milk chocolates.  I love dark chocolates. I’m hoping in my travels I’ll get my chance to try different dark chocolates from around the world. Why Heart Healthy? Dark chocolate contains flavonoids. What are Flavonoids? Flavonoids by definition help protect plants by shielding and … [Read more...]

Not so Fast Colorado!

I submitted this to the Denver Post as a "Letter to the Editor". Recently, a study ranked Colorado as the least obese state with 19.8{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7} of adults considered obese. Don’t celebrate just yet. Just 16 years ago a rate of 19.8{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7} would have ranked Colorado as the … [Read more...]

I’m Rocky Mountain High!

I’ve just relocated to Denver Colorado.  The “Mile High” City as its known.  An interesting and beautiful city I must say.  It seems everywhere I go I see walking paths and parks.  Recreation seems to abound here.  Everyone I speak to around the country just loves Denver.  I’ve only heard positive things about this great city. Someone has taken a special place in my Heart and Soul and I’m … [Read more...]

No Place In Schools – Trans Fats Kill – Period

Nevada Senate Bill SB230, a bill that would require school districts to develop a policy to ban foods containing trans fat from being provided in schools, is now scheduled to be heard on Monday at 3:15pm in the Assembly Education Committee.  I will be testifying again in support of this legislation. As many of you are well aware, trans fat is a double threat to our cardiovascular health because … [Read more...]

Little, Doable & Can’t Fail Things

If thinking about changing your lifestyle is putting too much pressure on you then don't think about it:) If you feel like this or know someone who is then you're probably thinking too "big". Think smaller. Too often we think of the task at hand as overwhelming an un-doable.  It's a very legitimate fear. You need to think "smaller" and what little things you can do today that are … [Read more...]

American Heart Association WSA – Newsletter

Keith Ahrens of Las Vegas inspires lifestyle change This article appeared in the American Heart Association's Western states Affiliate April Newsletter. Click Here For Full Article It took a near-death experience to wake up Keith Ahrens. At the age of 45, the Las Vegas businessman was tipping the scales at over 400 pounds and led a sedentary lifestyle. He hadn’t seen a doctor in … [Read more...]

What A Difference A Day or 1460 Days Make

Do You Know Your Numbers? Mine are below. A look back at 4 years of lab results. I’m still working on the HDL.  It’s been as high as 49. The ratio is very important.  The lower the better.  The ratio is your total cholesterol divided by your HDL. Always room for improvement for sure.  It just goes to show you that we can change our numbers. The only prescription medication that I’m … [Read more...]

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