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The Best Time For Your Heart?

“When is the best time to exercise?  Is it morning, noon, or night?  How about 3am, 3pm, when the sunrises or the stars shine? The correct answer is -- The best time to exercise is the time that you WILL exercise! Find your niche, find your time but make activity and exercise a daily heart healthy priority.” - Keith … [Read more...]

Are You Prepared?

“Recertified for my CPR – AED Adult, Child and Infant Training today. It’s always good to get the practice using AED devices and Performing CPR. You never know when you’ll be called upon or have to step in to save a life. Being prepared can make a scary situation seem less scary. Are you ready? Please visit the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross web sites for classes in your … [Read more...]

An Ounce of Prevention …..

"Why don’t we get check ups? Many people are in a state of denial, have fears, too busy, don't want to know if there's a problem, hate doctors, afraid of blood work, may feel embarrassed to discover a problem etc.....  I could go on and on about excuses I've heard.  But at the end of the day, they're just excuses. Get a check up!  Save your life!" - Keith … [Read more...]

Headline: Heart Disease Researchers Find A Cure? – Keith Ahrens

“HEADLINE: Heart Disease Researchers Find A Cure” ??? Well, maybe not yet, but if I have my way I’ll see this headline in my lifetime. I try every day to do something to rid this planet of this terrible killer. - Keith … [Read more...]

Confidence – Feel It

“Have confidence in someone else. Have confidence in yourself. I know what its like for people have confidence in me. Other people’s confidence has brought me through some very difficult times. Today I share my confidence in you. You deserve it. Feel proud and empowered to know that someone, somewhere is confident in you.” – Keith … [Read more...]

Proud, Very Proud

Team "Outrunning My Shadow" So far - $2785 raised #1 Community Team, #5 overall team out of 160 total teams. Way to go team and contributors. Also, as last years AHA Lifestyle Change Award Recipient, The AHA asked me to present the award to this years recipient. Las Vegas American Heart Association Heart Walk October 16, 2010 … [Read more...]

1st Place Going Into The Final Stretch

Here we go. Team "Outrunning My Shadow" is the top Community Team as of today in our fundraising efforts for Saturday's Heart Walk.  We've exceeded our team goal and want to go even higher. It's still not too late to donate and help make a difference. Lives will be saved. The money goes directly to research, grant funding, and awareness campaigns. Thank you so much for your Heart Healthy … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Health – Keith Ahrens

Las Vegas Health Magazine.  An Article by Sharon Chayra, October 8, 2010. Sharon interviewed me for this article on heart disease and obesity.  She's a terrific writer and health advocate. Enjoy. Click the link to read the full article: Heart Disease, Obesity & Sleep | Las Vegas Health Magazine … [Read more...]

I Like It In The “___________”

I like it in the loft and doing it in public. Of course, I’m talking about exercise.  Where do you like to do it? Location should never be an excuse not to get in some daily exercise or activity. Fitness is the least expensive and most effective “natural-medicine” we can take. In addition to helping your heart with daily exercise and activity, this is also breast cancer awareness month. Get your … [Read more...]

Team Outrunning My Shadow

Team Outrunning My Shadow has raised over $1000 for the American Heart Association. Our walk is October 16 in Las Vegas. Any donation, large or small is appreciated and heart felt:) The link above will take you directly to the donation page and give more information. Heart Healthier Days Ahead. Thanks for the support. … [Read more...]

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