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Are You “Dying” For A Piece Of Cake?

Have you ever said that you’re dying for a certain type of food or treat?  I sure have. What I didn’t realize over all the years was that I was contributing to an early death when I took each bite.  My heart and overall health were being sabotaged with every over-indulgence. We should always strive for nutritional balance in our lives and we each need to decide at what point is that “little s … [Read more...]

An Appointment Your Heart Can’t Miss

We get so busy during the holidays. It seems that we have twice as much to do in half the time it takes to do it. Our Stress levels rise. Many will turn to food; others will come in the front door and plop down on the couch. Believe me, I’ve been there. In fact, I used to plop down, overeat and then tell myself how tired I was and not necessarily in that order. We need to manage our time better. … [Read more...]


After a speech I recently delivered someone asked me what I meant when I spoke of “The Walls”. The walls that I was talking about were referring to my "layers of fat" my obesity.  I probably didn't articulate that well during that speech but it’s a heavy subject (no pun intended).  I was limited on time and couldn’t expand on every detail. I often get asked in interviews or during Q&A after a … [Read more...]

Success Story – Steve Arens, “You Have To Have A Desire To Lose” The Journey Begins.

Describe your success and what factors led you to change your life? When I turned 50, I was wearing size 62+ pants (they were tight), 5XL shirts. I weighed 450+, that was the MAX weight on my scale. At 51 I have now gone BELOW 400 lbs. I have lost 85 lbs I am wearing 56, 3XL in shirts (I can shop at Walmart for clothes again). What was the journey like? I am 51 years old, Last year I hit my … [Read more...]

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