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When you plug in a string of lights and the bulbs don’t light up, how do you get the string to light up?
You look for the one single bulb in the string that’s preventing the others from lighting and replace it – we fix it!
Just because the entire string is out doesn’t mean that every bulb is broken.
The point is that a small improvement or fix in one area of your life can make a huge difference.
What’s the one thing you want to fix to lead a healthier life? Is it better nutrition, physical fitness or perhaps its something else?
It doesn’t really matter as long as we can identify and take action on something we can improve.
Find the bulb that’s keeping you from lighting up and fix it! – Keith

We call things that hamper us from reaching our health goals “Limiting Factors”.
Typically there are 3 limiting factors that are real when it comes to achieving our overall health success and well-being.
1. Genetics
2. Physical Activity
3. Nutritional Habits
We need to be aware of all 3 but we need to concentrate mainly on 2 of them.
Typically our genetics, although it’s something we can’t control doesn’t stop someone from achieving to be in better overall shape.
Physical activity and better nutrition ARE things we can control.
To be in overall better shape when we neglect one over the other we do so at our own peril.
I’ve never met anyone that exercises all the time and eats like a garbage disposal to be very healthy. Conversely, I’ve never met anyone who eats a very heart healthy diet low in saturated fats, high in fiber, low sodium, lean meats, and whole grains and doesn’t exercise to be very healthy either.
Balance is the key.  Physical exercise and Heart Healthy Nutrition go hand in hand.
Consider a brisk walk as important the as eating your veggies and visa versa. – Keith

Where does it start? Where does it end? Where is it going?
There’s been a lot of talk lately about Happy Meals, Kids School Lunches, Physical Education programs, etc…
Poor early eating and exercise habits lead to adult illnesses and premature death.
There’s a lot of finger pointing and redirection of real issues.  Debate is good but action and viable solutions are the only answer.
Pundits are split on the solutions to keeping our kids slim and fit.
We can’t skimp on programs that may give a kid a fair shot at a healthy life.
The reality is America is getting sick and dying one saturated fat gram at a time. – Keith