Is A First Responder Living In Your Home?

Coming up in Committee at the Colorado Capitol.  Do you know CPR? CPR in Schools: SB 98 would incorporate CPR training into high school curriculum. CPR and AEDs are tools that can save a life when sudden cardiac arrest occurs. We want everyone to be trained in CPR so they can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency. SB 98 would help train and entire generation of heroes by teaching CPR to all … [Read more...]

Getting Started!

"Setting a goal for yourself is great, but don't forget you need to start the race!" - K … [Read more...]

If The Driver Only Had A Chance!

OK, I get it. See story below (LINK) I think it's great and heroic that she was able to steer the bus off the road and saved the lives of the children on board. Now let me take it a step further. The bus driver is dead. The article says, "Some are reported to have prayed for the driver as he lay on the floor while others shielded the bus' younger passengers from the scene." Why didn't any … [Read more...]

This Gift Doesn’t Need Wrapping

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Heart Healthy New Years Wishes to Everyone. The greatest gift I receive has no wrapping paper, no bow, no name tag and yet I’ll know it’s for me. My gift is — Another Day. Living with Heart Disease and getting a second chance means I take nothing for granted, ever. The lights on the tree are brighter, each ornament is more special, the turkey smells … [Read more...]

Just In… WTG Team, “Outrunning My Shadow”

This Just In.... Team "Outrunning My Shadow" earns "Top Community Team" Award for 2nd year.  Las Vegas Heart Walk 2011. Great thanks to all that donated, walked, supported or had us in your thoughts.   We walked for everyone:)  Heart Healthy Days Ahead for us all:) Keith … [Read more...]

Whatever Your Reason…

Whatever Your Reason, Whatever Your Motivation.... Get Involved Remember, Your The Cure:) … [Read more...]

Give Yourself What You Give Others

If you ever get down or feel a little depressed just think about the joy, happiness and the light you shine upon the people you come into contact with.  Take those feelings and look in the mirror and turn it onto yourself.  I think when you put it into perspective, you'll find yourself to be a pretty good person to know:) – Keith Ahrens … [Read more...]

“Life Changes Forever, Everyday”

“Life Changes Forever, Everyday” – Keith Everyday our words, thoughts, actions, and situations change and ultimately chart the path to the rest of our lives.  Make “Everyday” the greatest day of your life. - Keith Ahrens … [Read more...]

Every Dollar and Volunteer Hour Helps

Less than 2 weeks left. October 15th is the big day in Las Vegas. Join me in fighting the #1 Killer of Americans. Your support and generous donation for ANY amount helps to fight this disease through research, education and awareness campaigns in your neighborhoods and States. We are doing some great things this year. Join my team, "Outrunning My Shadow" or donate to my page. If you're … [Read more...]

She Said Yes:) at 11,000 feet

A New Heart, A New Life, A New Love.  I got engaged Friday in Vail, Colorado at 11,000 feet.  It was a beautiful and picture perfect day.  We took the gondola to the top of the mountain and walked over to the Wedding Deck.  After waiting for the Wedding party that was up there to clear the deck, I could no longer stall.  We walked over hand in hand; I took a deep breath, dropped to one knee, … [Read more...]