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National Start Walking Day is Wednesday, April 6 and always the first Wednesday in April.

The time is now to get moving.  I couldn’t think of a better place to start than with a nice walk.

Will you walk?

Can you get your office motivated to take a walk during lunch?

What about a planned walk with your family or loved one after dinner?

Perhaps someone you know could use a nice walk.  Tell them about the day and walk with them.

The American Heart Association has all the tools on their site for someone to just start walking.

Make it a celebration of fitness.

Make it a day of Heart Health.

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Have a Heart Healthy Day, Keith

When was the last time you filled out a form?

Think about when you fill out a medical form, a form for school, an insurance form etc.

What happens when we make a mistake on it?

It gets lost in the shuffle or it gets put to the bottom of the pile.

The bottom line: You don’t get the results in the time frame that you were looking for.

At the gym, I’ve noticed more and more people using bad form when they exercise.  All kinds of exercise that is.

It’s so important to use good form on any activity or exercise that we do.

Good form equates to better and faster results.

If you go to a gym, ask for help.  Most gyms offer a free session that teaches its members how to use a particular piece of equipment or how to perform certain exercises.  Someone should always be happy to show you how to do something the right way.

By doing an exercise or activity with good form you will also greatly reduce the chance of injury.

If you’re exercising at home or trying something new, go to YouTube and look at some reliable videos to see how a certain exercise should be done.  Best of all, It’s Free!

Search for the exercise and also type the word “beginner” and see what comes up.

They’re many videos available to show people how to do a proper exercise with good form.  I do this when I want to find out about a new lift or new method of exercise.

Try new exercises. mix up your routine. Have fun with whatever you decide to do but do it with proper form and safety. – Keith

Probably and Perhaps.

Another High School athlete passed away in what appears to be another case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

The initial autopsy revealed an enlarged heart.

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What we do know is that a routine screening of this athlete may vary well have shown his enlarged heart and flagged his potential risk of SCA.  An echocardiogram (Sonar) and/or electrocardiograms (EKG) most likely would have discovered the abnormality.

Why are we caught so off guard when these deaths occur?

While advocating for prevention, awareness, and education programs for heart disease and the screenings of athletes in high school and college sports, I’ve learned that although the early detection tests are simple and easy to administer, they’re simply not routinely performed.

Why? I’ll share a couple reasons I’ve learned.

Cost.  Although the cost is very small to have the test(s) performed, the tests must also be read and interpreted by a doctor.

Accessibility. Screenings need to be very accessible and easier to get.

Athletes are afraid that if they admit to having a risk factor (such as a family member with heart disease) they may not be allowed to play. Studies have shown that athletes may not be truthful in answering the most basic risk factor questions.

Statistics are weak at best for the scope of the problem.  The facts, I believe, would show this is a much larger problem than we’re aware of.

Routine screenings of groups of athletes regularly identify potential at risk youth.

We need to ask: Should all athletes be screened?

Who should pay for the screenings?

My personal opinion is that every high school and college athlete should be screened.  It would logically begin with the students with the most basic primary risk factors such as family history.

How do we get an athlete to tell the truth? If a problem is found, is that the end of the athlete’s sports career? Will they ever be allowed to compete again?

Do we allow doctors to clear someone to compete and relieve the doctor of potential lawsuits if a problem occurs?

One person making a difference and saving lives is my friend Holly Morrell of Heartfelt Cardiac Projects based in California.  Her non-profit offers low cost screenings with any abnormal or concerning findings being referred to a physician.  She has inevitably saved countless lives with her work.

The one thing I know for sure is that routine screenings save lives. I’ll continue my fight for Awareness, Prevention, and Education of Heart Disease and the related risk factors. – Keith

I’ve recently taken a few classes at the gym to mix up my workout routine such as Zumba, BodyPump, and Spin.
While waiting for one of the classes to start I was able to observe a Silver & Fit class in progress. This class is designed for seniors to enhance their flexibility, weight resistance training and mobility and get some cardio in.
They used stretch bands, light-weight medicine balls and light dumbbells.
It was really a class for all levels of fitness, not just seniors.  I saw it as an opportunity for people who need to get started.
I’m often asked, “Where do I start?” Regardless of age, this class would be a great place to start if you’ve been sedentary and just not moving much.
It’s a fun class with music and the trainer usually keeps it upbeat.  I would think the 50 minutes flies by like it does on most classes.
So, if you’re not moving much and want to start somewhere and you have access to a gym, try the senior program to get started. Remember to always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.
If you’re afraid to go in, just tell people you’re there for rehabilitation.
Because of my bad knees from carrying over 400 pounds for so long, I just do what I can when I’m in different classes.  If it means not bouncing, then I don’t bounce.  If it means not standing on the pedals of the spin bike, I may not stand.  You get the point. Make the class your own and own the class to your level of fitness while pushing yourself a little further each day of training.  Listen to your body.
Just move.  All of the exercises can be done at home if you can’t get to a gym.  YouTube is normally a good and free resource to look at different exercise routines or to see what a class may be like before taking it.
Remember, we all started somewhere. – Keith

Today I was invited and spoke to women at a local Curves Fitness Studio on Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas.  My friend Marilyn from Mended Hearts and The American Heart Association arranged the presentation.
I was able to speak about Heart Disease and Obesity and share some tips on weight loss and fitness.
Every couple of months they invite speakers and have a heart healthy lunch for their members.  It was real nice to see the studio and its members celebrating American Heart Month.
What impressed me about this particular club was how close everyone was.  There was a real sense of companionship between members and I could tell how much they supported and encouraged each other. Linda, the owner, has fostered a wonderful culture at this studio.
All of the potluck dishes that were served were heart healthy and full of flavor.  They’re even working on a Curves cookbook that will include all of their healthy recipes.  It was a great group and I wish them all the best in their continued effort to get healthier. – Keith
Check out their website a

I decided to try something different for cardio today.  I went to my first Zumba class.
I first saw Zumba being taught as a breakout session at one of my speaking engagements and knew it was something I wanted to try.
When we take a class for the first time we always worry about how stupid we may look or be afraid of not keeping up.  These are natural feelings.  Zumba is a great class for all levels of fitness.  It’s just a matter of doing what you can and making the effort to keep up.
It’s my experience that anyone can quickly pick up the “moves” after attending 2 or 3 group classes of any type.  I probably had 75{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7} of the moves down by the end of the class.
The instructor was very good.  Her name was Jen and what I liked about her style is that she moved often throughout the class.  She would constantly reposition herself so everyone could get the steps and moves down.
I’m guessing there were about 40 people in this class of which 5 were men. It was very clear and refreshing to see participants at ALL levels of fitness having fun in this class.  It goes to show you, anyone can do it.
Since my knees aren’t the best, I was very careful with my foot movements. There were a few times when I just slowed down my movements.  Sometimes I compensated with larger arm movements to keep my cardio rate high.
Overall, I really enjoyed it.  I believe that variety is the spice of life and when it comes to fitness you need to keep it fresh and exciting.  Zumba certainly made it fun.
If you’re doing the same routine and you feel you need to “shake” things up.  See what classes your local gym or recreation center may offer.
I’m looking forward to another Zumba class.
So for now – Cha, Cha, Cha:)
Heart Healthy Days Ahead for us all, Keith

It’s Not Christmas

Have you heard the saying, “Don’t be so concerned about overeating between Christmas and New Years but rather be more concerned about overeating between New Years and Christmas?”
This saying makes perfect sense.
Well, it’s not Christmas so I guess now’s a great opportunity to seize the moment. Just think of the possibilities and what you can accomplish in just 3 short months. Summer is around the corner and June 1 will be here soon enough.
By slightly reducing your daily caloric intake and slowly increasing your daily activity you’ll see significant changes in your body’s physiology.
By thinking heart healthy when you go grocery shopping and while you prepare meals will not only make you feel better but also help you shed a few unwanted pounds before summer. – Keith

Jumping Jacks In Heaven

On Sunday, America and the world lost a health and fitness icon.
Jack LaLanne, The Godfather of Fitness, passed away at the age of 96.
I’m having trouble finding anyone that compared to LaLanne.  He was the original, the first, and the leader of the modern fitness movement.
LaLanne influenced and inspired more people to get fit and live a healthier life than anyone I can think of.
When I look at LaLanne’s website,, It’s hard not to be in awe of his accomplishments and achievements.
What impressed me so much with LaLanne is that he always approached fitness in a way that made it so easy for the sedentary to understand. He made fitness approachable.
With such a sedentary nation, video games, inactivity, poor eating habits, and other factors, perhaps we need LaLanne now more than ever.
Because of LaLanne, fewer of us will be in a hurry to get to heaven and heaven will just have to wait a little longer for us.
R.I.P. Jack LaLanne.  Thanks for everything – Keith
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A team can’t win without scoring. Neither can we.
Think of any team sport that you like and how a team scores.  Is it a touchdown, a basket, a run, a goal, a point, or something else?
Teams get excited and have momentum when they score.
So do we when we’re trying to lose weight or increasing our fitness level.
We need to score and have the “little wins” in order to feel good and stay motivated.
The energy level rises when a team scores and spreads to every player and fan in the stands.  The same is true about the people around us.  They can just feel the added energy and vibes we put out.
By having little wins it keeps us focused on a bigger picture.  Losing that pound, walking that extra mile, lifting the higher weight all have huge effects when it comes to motivating us.
Create momentum in your own life.  It seems to take on a life of its own. – Keith

We call things that hamper us from reaching our health goals “Limiting Factors”.
Typically there are 3 limiting factors that are real when it comes to achieving our overall health success and well-being.
1. Genetics
2. Physical Activity
3. Nutritional Habits
We need to be aware of all 3 but we need to concentrate mainly on 2 of them.
Typically our genetics, although it’s something we can’t control doesn’t stop someone from achieving to be in better overall shape.
Physical activity and better nutrition ARE things we can control.
To be in overall better shape when we neglect one over the other we do so at our own peril.
I’ve never met anyone that exercises all the time and eats like a garbage disposal to be very healthy. Conversely, I’ve never met anyone who eats a very heart healthy diet low in saturated fats, high in fiber, low sodium, lean meats, and whole grains and doesn’t exercise to be very healthy either.
Balance is the key.  Physical exercise and Heart Healthy Nutrition go hand in hand.
Consider a brisk walk as important the as eating your veggies and visa versa. – Keith