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Our bodies don’t have expiration dates.  We can, however, greatly extend our “Shelf Life” and “Best If Used By” dates by eating Heart Healthy and making Fitness a priority.   – Keith

When you go to the store, buy 2 new vegetables or fruits that you don’t normally eat, but have wanted to try.  Think outside the box. By adding a couple of foods to your heart healthy eating plan you’ll feel like you’re getting something instead of having something taken away.   – Keith

New Website Is Up

The new website is and replaces the old one.  Please visit New website is up:) www.OutrunningMyShadow.com

Allergy Warning?

I found out that I actually didn’t lose over 200 pounds.  I realized I had an allergenic reaction to fast food.  It lasted for 23 years.  As soon as I stopped eating fast foods the swelling went down and I started to feel great. Do you have the same allergy?   – Keith

Start Your Heart

It’s recommended that we get at least 30 to 60 minutes of moderately intense physical activity most days of the week. If 30 minutes seem too much it’s OK.  Just start somewhere.  Our heart benefits from any type of activity and duration. Don’t give up. You can even break up your workout time into 5 or 10-minute sessions and still get benefits.  Remember that gardening, housekeeping, taking the stairs and walking the dog count toward your total. You don’t have to exercise strenuously to achieve benefits, but you’ll see bigger benefits by increasing the intensity, duration and frequency of your workouts.    – Keith

Heart Health for Boomers By Jan Yager, Ph.D.  I am mentioned in the article.


Do you ever feel like your world is out of control?  For instance, think about overeating or not exercising.  If you have a choice of weather to overeat, or not, or to exercise, or not, then you are in control of the situation. You may not make the right choice all the time, but you’re in control.   – Keith

A pencil has an eraser on it.  So if you mess up once in a while, you can go back and correct yourself until the eraser runs out.  Isn’t the same true with healthy eating and fitness?  In most cases, if you mess up today you can go back and start anew tomorrow. You just don’t want to use your eraser all up.  – Keith

Wear your sneakers to work April 7. Get out even if it’s for just a few minutes. American Heart Association – Tomorrow is National Start! Walking Day. Join people across the country and walk for 30 minutes www.startwalkingnow.orgwww.startwalkingnow.org

Walmart sells everything… or so I thought!  I went to Walmart and looked for the “Human Heart” isle.  I asked every person with a blue jacket where they were.  No one could answer me.  I realized that they don’t sell them. I was amazed and decided to take better care of the one I had:)