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“Could the worst news about your own health, or a loved ones, actually be the best news you’ve ever heard?” – Keith

One More Hug

“Is it possible to get someone to do something healthier for just a hug? When you ask your spouse, kids, or a friend to do something that will make them healthier, tell them you’ll give them a hug. What may not seem like a big deal today, may mean the world to them tomorrow. What would you give to hug a family member or friend just one more time that has passed away?” – Keith

No Charge, Really!

“A Good Attitude is Free.  No Charge and You Make it For Yourself.  It’s an easy recipe that’s definitely Heart Healthy.  It’s the bad attitude that costs us.” – Keith

Keith’s Golden Rule

“We all know the golden rule, “Treat others as you wish to be treated”.  I say, “Treat yourself the way you treat other people”.  We often treat our family and friends much better than we treat ourselves. Why? Put yourself at the front of the line when it comes to heart healthy lifestyle changes. You deserve it. I’m a big believer in putting yourself first. The impact it’s had on my life and how many people I’ve been able to help and influence has been immeasurable.” – Keith


Misdiagnosis?  I’ve heard from several people recently about them being misdiagnosed by their doctor.  I haven’t done much research on this topic. Perhaps this is more common than I thought. I’m a big believer in 2nd or even 3rd opinions. I’m not speaking about simply not liking what the doctor says, but actually misdiagnosing a condition that has become a much bigger issue. Thoughts? – Keith

“We can create a Heart Healthy Week. Ask yourself, “What behaviors can I change this week?” Make a small commitment and stick to it.

Some ideas: No eating after 6pm and no nibbling while cooking. If your watching TV, move during the 2 minute commercial breaks. Take the stairs at work.
Park the car just a little further away. No finishing the kids’ meals. Drink a little more water. Eat an extra piece of fruit or serving of veggies. Take a look around and identify a few behaviors you can change this week.
Make at least one small commitment of change that will help your heart health. – Keith

Putting It In Perspective

On a radio interview from southern Texas, we were discussing Heart Healthy Lifestyle Changes and the host said to me, “You don’t eat fried chicken anymore?”  I told him “not any more”.  He said, “I could never give up my fried chicken.  That would be way too extreme.”  “Extreme”, I said.  “To me, extreme is an eleven-inch scar on my chest.”  To that he responded, “Well, I guess I can cut way back on my fried chicken.”  – Keith

Please watch the video and learn about someone making a difference.  Get your checkup and screening.  The life you save may be your own.  Thanks Holly for your tireless efforts to save lives and prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

KTLA Heroes at Home: Athlete Dedicates Life to Fighting Sudden Cardiac Arrest —

A Great Day to Share

Today I delivered the Keynote Speech for the Howard County Public School System education conference.  There were 150 Health and Physical Education teachers in attendance.  The break out sessions were focused on nutrition, obesity prevention and physical fitness and technology.  These great teachers are on the front line of the obesity epidemic and need our support.  The heart health of our children depend on it.  They positively impact the lives of every student they work with.  One teacher told me that my speech could impact as many as 50,000 students. What a feeling:)  – Keith

Slow and Steady = Results

Most experts agree with me that small shifts and small lifestyle changes lead to long-term success for losing weight and maintaining weight loss as well as improving our physical fitness. The diet industry is a $60 billion industry built on failure.  When is the last time you saw a weight loss product on TV that said you could lose 3 pounds over 3 weeks?   – Keith