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Forget The Royal Wedding – This Is About Hearts

The American Heart Association Las Vegas Heart Ball is tomorrow night at the Mirage Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. After returning from Florida I was honored to open my invitation.  My Red Tie is waiting.  This will be my second Heart Ball. One of The guests of honor will be a 10-month-old little girl named Lola who has already had 2 heart surgeries.  I met this young special fellow survivor … [Read more...]

“An Affair Of The Heart”

As I walked up to the entrance of my local Whole Foods store in Las Vegas I saw this magnificent piece of Artwork. It was titled “An Affair Of The Heart”.  Coincidentally, I had just come from a conference on Basic and Advanced Life Support and a lecture on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in Adolescents. The plaque on the artwork said it was dedicated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. As many … [Read more...]

The Scar And The Stare

It’s summer time and I’ve had the pleasure to take long walks on a beautiful beach the past few days. I have an 11” scar in the center of my chest from open-heart surgery almost 4 years ago. As people walk past me in the opposite direction, one of the few things I think about in my completely unstressed, worry free, creative state of mind is, “What are they thinking”?  What is the first … [Read more...]

Taxi Stand Ashtray

I arrived back in Vegas tonight. After leaving baggage claim, where one of my bags was in Los Angeles, but that’s a different story, I had to catch a taxi back to the Vegas house. The line was very long but it always moves very fast.  They have you go in a line up and down and up and down 5 times several hundred feet before getting into a cab.  I think they do this so the people who are drunk … [Read more...]

Little, Doable & Can’t Fail Things

If thinking about changing your lifestyle is putting too much pressure on you then don't think about it:) If you feel like this or know someone who is then you're probably thinking too "big". Think smaller. Too often we think of the task at hand as overwhelming an un-doable.  It's a very legitimate fear. You need to think "smaller" and what little things you can do today that are … [Read more...]

American Heart Association WSA – Newsletter

Keith Ahrens of Las Vegas inspires lifestyle change This article appeared in the American Heart Association's Western states Affiliate April Newsletter. Click Here For Full Article It took a near-death experience to wake up Keith Ahrens. At the age of 45, the Las Vegas businessman was tipping the scales at over 400 pounds and led a sedentary lifestyle. He hadn’t seen a doctor in … [Read more...]

You’re the Cure on the Hill Video

You're the Cure on the Hill Lobby Day 2011 American Heart Association Please share this video link with one and all - Keith … [Read more...]

Pondering Possibilities

Just thinking about the possibilities to finding a Cure and Ending Cardiovascular Disease. Can one man, women or child really make a difference? Will your voice be heard? My fight didn't end on Lobby Day… In Fact, It Just Began. Join the You're The Cure network at … [Read more...]

Yes, You Can Make A Difference

What a Day. Met with Congressmen and Senators to cap off an incredible 2 days at the American Heart Associations You’re the Cure on the Hill Lobby Day. Become part of the You’re the Cure Network and make a difference in your community, your state, your country. Visit today … [Read more...]

Hanging With Nancy

What an honor to meet Nancy Brown, CEO, of the American Heart Association. Truly one of Americas top CEO's You're the Cure on the Hill Lobby DayApril 11, 2011 … [Read more...]

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