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I Am So Ready!

I grew up in Potomac, Maryland just 20 minutes from the White House.  I've been to all the museums and visited all the landmarks many times but this trip will be different. Driving down Canal Road from Potomac through Georgetown and onto Pennsylvania Avenue to Constitution Avenue and seeing our great Capitol in front of me I felt something special. As I venture into the hallowed halls of the … [Read more...]

What A Difference A Day or 1460 Days Make

Do You Know Your Numbers? Mine are below. A look back at 4 years of lab results. I’m still working on the HDL.  It’s been as high as 49. The ratio is very important.  The lower the better.  The ratio is your total cholesterol divided by your HDL. Always room for improvement for sure.  It just goes to show you that we can change our numbers. The only prescription medication that I’m o … [Read more...]

Heart Walk / Heart Run 2011

[Read more...]

Mr. Keith Goes To Washington – For YOU

I was selected to by the American Heart Association to attend the You’re the Cure on the Hill Lobby Days in Washington D.C. next week. The event will include more than 350 Advocates, Medical Researchers, Doctors, and Survivors. I was asked to represent the AHA and attend as a Survivor, National Advocate, and Heart Hero. We’ll be on Capitol Hill to share our stories with our Senators and Co … [Read more...]

Why Not Me? An Anniversary To A Journey

It was 4 years ago, the first week of April 2007, that I had a heart attack. I met with my primary care doctor today for a routine exam and we chatted about the first time he ever saw me.  I was well over 400 pounds at the time.  I looked 15 years older and I was physically and mentally a complete mess. He commented that it seemed like a lifetime had flashed before his eyes with my on-going t … [Read more...]

These Hands May Save Your Life

Hands can do incredible things, even save a life. Learn how to use Hands-Only CPR and be ready in an emergency, visit Check out my hand symphony. It's easy- choose different hand sounds to create a track. Then be sure to learn how to use Hands-Only CPR. Hand Symphonies are super fun, but saving a life is even better. Have you ever seen someone hopscotch on their hands? … [Read more...]

Tobacco Tax Support

I’ll be addressing the Nevada Senate and giving testimony in support of SB386. Many of you know that I’m a very strong anti-smoking advocate.  I hate tobacco products.  I especially hate cigarettes and other non-smokeless products. On April 5th the Legislature will hold hearings on two separate tobacco tax bills, one in each house.  These bills would increase taxes on tobacco products to a po … [Read more...]

Fire Hoses and Joy… “Jump For Joy” That Is

Today was a blast… of Water. The Jump For Joy Foundation had another camp today.  I love these camps. Fighting the rising Childhood Obesity Epidemic by getting kids physically active is “Camp Jumps” primary mission.  Arming the parents with the knowledge they need to help their children eat healthier and stay active is another mission. Bill gave another outstanding nutrition class to the p … [Read more...]

A Childs Heart is Never Left Behind

On Friday, April 1, I was invited to tour the Children’s Heart Center of Nevada. This place was pretty incredible to say the least. The Children's Heart Center is Nevada's largest pediatric cardiology practice. The surgeons and cardiologists of this practice have outstanding reputations. To say this was a compassionate and outstanding medical practice that gave back to the community far more … [Read more...]

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