I’m Rocky Mountain High!

I’ve just relocated to Denver Colorado.  The “Mile High” City as its known.  An interesting and beautiful city I must say.  It seems everywhere I go I see walking paths and parks.  Recreation seems to abound here.  Everyone I speak to around the country just loves Denver.  I’ve only heard positive things about this great city. Someone has taken a special place in my Heart and Soul and I’m lookin … [Read more...]

Second Chance?

This is the plate from my old 1996 Harley.  Maybe the plate I picked out 10 years earlier meant something for the future. Today we had the kick-off party for the Las Vegas Heart Walk.  It was a great event.  I met other survivors and heard many stories on getting a Second Chance. What 2nd Chance did you get? “For me, after a Heart Attack, it was another shot at this thing called life” - Keith … [Read more...]

“Story Of Hope” What An Honor

The American Heart Association has featured my survival story as a “Story of Hope” for the month of July on their National Website. What An Honor! www.Heart.org CLICK HERE to read the article. The AHA has helped me share my message and join them in their mission to reduce cardiovascular disease throughout the country. The people that I’ve worked with at the AHA have been amazing. In addit … [Read more...]

Laugh Your Heart Healthy

I love to laugh. I prefer a good comedy or television show that will make me smile or laugh. A good laugh can send 20{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7} more blood flowing through your entire body. When you laugh, your blood vessels expand and contract just like when you exercise. When you watch a funny movie for example, your blood flow increases. … [Read more...]

Beatles, Hearts, and a Ball

The American Heart Association's Las Vegas Heart Ball was held April 30, 2011 at the World Famous Mirage Resort in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Hundreds of supporters attended the Gala. Philanthropists, Corporations and Individuals opened up their hearts and checkbooks to save lives and advance the mission of the American Heart Association. 10-month-old fellow survivor Lola Worthen was the … [Read more...]

Heart Art

[Read more...]

Forget The Royal Wedding – This Is About Hearts

The American Heart Association Las Vegas Heart Ball is tomorrow night at the Mirage Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. After returning from Florida I was honored to open my invitation.  My Red Tie is waiting.  This will be my second Heart Ball. One of The guests of honor will be a 10-month-old little girl named Lola who has already had 2 heart surgeries.  I met this young special fellow survivor a … [Read more...]

“An Affair Of The Heart”

As I walked up to the entrance of my local Whole Foods store in Las Vegas I saw this magnificent piece of Artwork. It was titled “An Affair Of The Heart”.  Coincidentally, I had just come from a conference on Basic and Advanced Life Support and a lecture on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in Adolescents. The plaque on the artwork said it was dedicated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. As many of … [Read more...]

The Scar And The Stare

It’s summer time and I’ve had the pleasure to take long walks on a beautiful beach the past few days. I have an 11” scar in the center of my chest from open-heart surgery almost 4 years ago. As people walk past me in the opposite direction, one of the few things I think about in my completely unstressed, worry free, creative state of mind is, “What are they thinking”?  What is the first thing … [Read more...]

Little, Doable & Can’t Fail Things

If thinking about changing your lifestyle is putting too much pressure on you then don't think about it:) If you feel like this or know someone who is then you're probably thinking too "big". Think smaller. Too often we think of the task at hand as overwhelming an un-doable.  It's a very legitimate fear. You need to think "smaller" and what little things you can do today that are … [Read more...]

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