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High Fructose Corn Syrup vs Sugar

This is a safe link to AOL and the article. High-fructose-corn-syrup-vs-sugar … [Read more...]

Laugh for a Healthier Heart

A good laugh can send 20{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7} more blood flowing through your entire body. When you laugh, your blood vessels expand and contract.  When you watch a funny movie for example, your blood flow increases.  Laughter’s a great stress reliever too. Laugh often and help your heart. … [Read more...]

I’ll Start Tomorrow

I’LL START TOMORROW By Mike Epstein “I’ll start tomorrow” “I think I’ll wait until Monday” “I have a big event coming up next week.  I think I’ll wait until after that” “I hurt myself.  I can’t do any exercise.  I’ll wait until I’m better” “I’m going to eat anything and everything tonight.  I’m starting my diet tomorrow” “Can’t eat anything tonight.  I’m getting weighed tomorrow” … [Read more...]

Healthy Heart

Think Heart Health everyday this week.  To me, everyday is Heart Health Day.  What WILL you do this week that will improve your Heart Health?  - Keith … [Read more...]

American Heart Association Heart Ball

I’ll be dressing like a Penguin. The 20th Annual American Heart Association Heart Ball is Saturday Night at the Ritz Carlton. I was invited to be a guest of The American Heart Association. What an honor. … [Read more...]

Extend Your Shelf Life

Our bodies don’t have expiration dates.  We can, however, greatly extend our “Shelf Life” and “Best If Used By” dates by eating Heart Healthy and making Fitness a priority.   - Keith … [Read more...]

To Hell and Back

I've been to hell and back. Heart disease and obesity complications are not fun. The consequences of inaction are life threatening, if not worse. The rewards of action are exhilarating and enriching!– Keith … [Read more...]

Try It, You May Like It

When you go to the store, buy 2 new vegetables or fruits that you don’t normally eat, but have wanted to try.  Think outside the box. By adding a couple of foods to your heart healthy eating plan you’ll feel like you’re getting something instead of having something taken away.   - Keith … [Read more...]

New Website Is Up

The new website is and replaces the old one.  Please visit New website is up:) … [Read more...]

Allergy Warning?

I found out that I actually didn’t lose over 200 pounds.  I realized I had an allergenic reaction to fast food.  It lasted for 23 years.  As soon as I stopped eating fast foods the swelling went down and I started to feel great. Do you have the same allergy?   - Keith … [Read more...]

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