I was talking with one of my best friends who coaches high school women’s lacrosse in a lacrosse league.

The subject of AED (Automated External Defibrillators) came up and I asked him if one was on the sidelines at every practice and game.  He said that one was in the building and not on the sidelines.

I asked him if everyone knew where it was and how long would it take to get it if it was needed on the field.  He said that not everyone knew and it would take approximately 2 minutes to retrieve it in an emergency.

When someone goes down from sudden cardiac arrest, every minute that an AED is not used reduces the chances of survival by 10{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7}.  Think about it.  If it takes 2 minutes to get the AED in an emergency, the victim’s chances of survival are reduced by 20{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7}.

If no AED is available, and the average response time from emergency responders, EMT’s, Fireman etc is 6 – 7 minutes AFTER they’re called… Just think how the chances of survival are reduced.

We discussed getting the parents to do fundraisers at their place of employment to purchase an AED for the team.  AED typically cost between $800 and $2000 depending on the model.  Most AED’s perform the same regardless of cost.  The best part is that AED’s are VERY easy to use.

Some things to think about:

Does your child play sports?

Is there an AED on the sidelines at EVERY Practice and Game?

If not, what are YOU going to do about it?


Nevada Update on AB571
This law was passed by public vote 3 years ago and now the legislature can reverse it without a vote of the people.
Make a difference if you live in Nevada. Go To https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/A/ and show your opposition.
Select AB571 and please oppose this bill.  You can even write a comment.
AHA supporters,
Please see the below message.  Your continued outreach is needed.  Thanks for all that you have done so far to help stop this bill.  We need to multiply ourselves in order to be successful…
As many of you are aware, the hearing for AB571 took place this morning in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.  The passage of this bill, which would weaken the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act by allowing for smoking in ALL bars and taverns regardless of whether they serve food, will lead to increased exposure to secondhand smoke in Nevada.  Although not explicit in the language of the bill, a result will be eating establishments that walk the line between bar/tavern and restaurant (such as BW3s, Bully’s etc.), and possibly even restaurants that contain bars, will once again allow smoking.
We need ALL of you to please make a quick visit to the opinion page of the legislative website by clicking on the link below, and post your opposition and comments against the bill. We also need you to circulate this request through your email lists.  This bill may have the votes to pass, unless we can show a tremendous level of grassroots opposition.

Thank you for your continued help in fighting off the relentless efforts of big tobacco and their allies to weaken our law.

I love to laugh.

I prefer a good comedy or television show that will make me smile or laugh.

A good laugh can send 20{1ee8873d3da54571ef77633feec9b2f18618b0dba2f28faf42edb28003d1c6f7} more blood flowing through your entire body.

When you laugh, your blood vessels expand and contract just like when you exercise.

When you watch a funny movie for example, your blood flow increases.  Laughter’s a great stress reliever too. Laugh often and help your heart.

I’m waiting for Hangover 2 and hoping it’s funnier than the first.  What movie made you laugh hysterically? – Keith

Nevada Senate Bill SB230, a bill that would require school districts to develop a policy to ban foods containing trans fat from being provided in schools, is now scheduled to be heard on Monday at 3:15pm in the Assembly Education Committee.  I will be testifying again in support of this legislation.
As many of you are well aware, trans fat is a double threat to our cardiovascular health because it has been shown to both lower our good cholesterol (HDL) and raise our bad cholesterol (LDL), as well as cause arterial inflammation.
Schools should be places where we strive to make available the healthiest foods possible, and with plenty of alternative oils that can now be used, we should not be providing food to our kids that contains trans fat.
•       Consumption of trans fat (trans fatty acids) are very harmful to our health.  Consumption of trans fat raises your ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol and lowers your ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol levels.  It also causes or is a contributor to heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, hardening and clogging of the arteries, etc.
•       SB230 requires school districts to develop a policy to ban foods with trans fat from being provided to students at schools and would apply to school sanctioned programs and athletic events, etc.
•       Banning trans fat does not mean banning ‘junk’ food.  Foods of minimal nutritional value are regularly made without trans fat.  Items such as crackers, pizza, pastries, etc. would still be allowed to be served/purchased at schools.
•       Over the past decade many food manufactures have reformulated many of their products to eliminate trans fat by using alternative oils that are readily available.  Consumers have demanded trans fat free products are they are now widely available.  This will minimize any burden to schools.
•       Schools should be places where we strive to serve our children the healthiest food possible.
Thanks, Keith

Fruity Prayers?

Every time I go to the store I just pray I can come across some great fruit.

I always look for fruit that’s Ripe, Fresh, Tasty, Full of Flavor, and Reasonably Priced.  I know, We All Hope For This, Right?

This week’s find happened to be Strawberries.  I found them at Whole Foods this week in my scavenger hunt for good fruit.

Whole Foods tends to be more expensive, but sometimes I find a bargain.

What’s the best fruit you’ve had this week? Do you have a great farmers market? – Keith

Heart Walk Kick-Off Party at the Cosmopolitan!

It will be July 7th from 8-10 am at the Boulevard Pool. Guests will be team captains from community teams and companies, and sponsors. Space is limited to our top 125 supporters. We will have beverages and breakfast for all attendees. Invitations will be going out soon, so sign up as a team captain for the Heart Walk (if you haven’t already) at www.lasvegasheartwalk.org to receive an invitation)

The American Heart Association’s Las Vegas Heart Ball was held April 30, 2011 at the World Famous Mirage Resort in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hundreds of supporters attended the Gala. Philanthropists, Corporations and Individuals opened up their hearts and checkbooks to save lives and advance the mission of the American Heart Association.

10-month-old fellow survivor Lola Worthen was the guest of honor as her brave mother shared Lola’s story of Survival and Life.

Dozens of items were auctioned off during a silent auction during the cocktail reception and then the grand auction took place with items valued up to $48,000 being auctioned off to the highest bidder all in the name of saving lives.

The Beatles (or their tribute band Yesterday) played all the hits before and during dinner.

Enjoy and please share the video:)

Oh what a night it was. Kudos to the Las Vegas AHA team:) – Keith

The American Heart Association Las Vegas Heart Ball is tomorrow night at the Mirage Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

After returning from Florida I was honored to open my invitation.  My Red Tie is waiting.  This will be my second Heart Ball.

One of The guests of honor will be a 10-month-old little girl named Lola who has already had 2 heart surgeries.  I met this young special fellow survivor and her mom and dad at a Heart Walk committee meeting several weeks ago.  The baby is adorable and full of life (and SMILES).

In addition to having many, many silent auction items up for grabs there will be several large ticket auction items going up during the dinner.  I’ve included a list below for some of the large items for the curiosity seekers.

1. Jason of Beverly Hills Floating Heart Pendant: The winner of this beautiful package receives Full cut floating diamond heart pendant G color VS1 clarity set into 14K gold which is encased within hand cut mineral crystal on a 16 inch polish mesh chain. No return or exchange.

Generously Donated by Jason of Beverly Hills at The Cosmopolitan Hotel  -VALUE: $2,500

2. Bernard Passman Gallery Gift Certificates: This is a series of five $500 certificates totaling $2,500.  These certificates can be redeemed at the Passman of Nevada Gallery in the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas.  This is a wonderful way to start or continue your Passman Gallery Collection. No return or exchange.

Generously Donated by Bernard Passman Gallery at The Venetian Hotel – VALUE: $2,500

3. Batter Up!!: Travel in style to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, August 5th . Guests of The Westin Phoenix Hotel will enjoy two rooms for Friday & Saturday night.  On Saturday, August 6th, take in a ballgame like a VIP! Enjoy all the action from a private box that seats up to 12. – No return or exchange. Tickets and hotel stay only good for August 5th & 6th.

Generously donated by, Perini Building Company and the Westin Phoenix Downtown Hotel. VALUE: $4,000

4. Bernard Passman Gallery Kissed by Design Ring and Earrings 18kt. The ring has .55 ct and the earrings have .70 ct.  This design is a wonderful example of how the diamonds gently kiss the black coral. These are two a beautiful pieces from the Art to Wear collection in the Passman gallery. No return or exchange.

Generously Donated by Bernard Passman Gallery at The Venetian Hotel – VALUE: $6,000

5. Hawaiian Timeshare Getaway from Bay Club: The winner of this incredible package receives a timeshare in Bay Club Waikoloa beginning in 2012 and membership paid to RCI until May 31, 2013. Bi-Annual Maintenance Fees are the responsibility of the purchaser: 1st Fee Due December 2012: $2,069.23; Trip may only be booked for every other year beginning in 2012.

Generously Donated by The Tanner Family- VALUE: $14,000

6. Bernard Passman Gallery Love & Devotion Heart Pendant: This beautiful pendant and chain is featured in 18kt white gold and contains 1.80 cts, VS Clarity, G-H color diamonds.  The “Love and Devotion” pendant is designed around a rare heart shaped red tourmaline.  Only the highest quality of red tourmalines carry the title “Rubellite”.    This beautiful pendant was created exclusively to honor the American Heart Association. No return or exchange.

Generously Donated by Bernard Passman Gallery at The  Venetian Hotel – VALUE: $10,000

7. Shell Vacation Club Timeshare, Three Weeks… Anywhere in the World! – Resorts all around the world, with 12,000 points you can experience just about any destination you choose every year till 2049.  Experience the lap of luxury at some of the finest resorts.  Use the points all at once or set off on a week’s adventure, three time a year.  Annual Maintenance Fees are the responsibility of the purchaser: $2,537.71; 12,000 points per year until 2049 to be used at any Shell Property in the world. Depending on Resort 4,000 points = one weeks stay.

Generously Donated by The Tanner Family – VALUE: $48,000

As I walked up to the entrance of my local Whole Foods store in Las Vegas I saw this magnificent piece of Artwork.

It was titled “An Affair Of The Heart”.  Coincidentally, I had just come from a conference on Basic and Advanced Life Support and a lecture on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in Adolescents.

The plaque on the artwork said it was dedicated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. As many of you may know, St. Jude’s is one of America’s leading Children’s Cancer hospitals.

What a great piece of art for such a great cause. – Keith